Release Notes of SlimerJS 0.10

version 0.10.3

SlimerJS 0.10.3 has been released on March 9, 2017.

  • Fix support of IPV6 notation in the --proxy and --webdriver command line parameters.
  • Compatibility with Firefox 51 and 52
  • Fix fs.copyTree() (Wojciech Skorodecki)
  • Fix slimerjs-node under Windows (Charlie Hulcher)
  • tar.bz2 packages are available

version 0.10.2

SlimerJS 0.10.2 has been released on November 27, 2016.

  • Compatibility with Firefox 50 (fix support of HTTP auth)
  • Fix slimerjs.bat: it should not close cmd.exe when exiting
  • Official npm package

version 0.10.1

SlimerJS 0.10.1 has been released on September 21, 2016.


  • Improve message about version incompatibility
  • Mozilla telemetry disabled (by Wojciech Skorodecki)
  • Compatibility with Firefox 47, 48, 49
  • Bash scripts: Use portable bash paths (by James Alastair McLaughlin)

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed “TypeError: browser.webpage is null” when closing a page while capturing a request (by Wojciech Skorodecki).
  • Source code: replaced found Expression closures to Arrow functions (by Wojciech Skorodecki)
  • Fixed wrong encoding of request.body in onResourceReceived() callback. (by Wojciech Skorodecki)
  • Fixed various typo in the documentation and web site (by Brian Donovan, Thomas Grainger, Avindra Goolcharan, Alexander Tsirel, Eric White)
  • Documentation: remove claim about xvfb support on Mac (by Matt McClure & Laurent)

version 0.10.0

SlimerJS 0.10.0 has been released on May 2 2016.

New features and API

  • Experimental support of Webdriver, by using GhostDriver like phantomjs, to control SlimerJS from Selenium.

  • webpage.render() can now generates PDF, BMP and ICO.

  • webpage.paperSize is supported (except its header and footer properties).

  • webpage.onLongRunningScript and webpage.stopJavascript() to allow to be informed of

    webpage having long running scripts (compatible with Phantomjs 2)

  • Support of webpage.onResourceTimeout and webpage.settings.resourceTimeout

  • phantom.webdriverMode

  • Implementation of system.stdin, system.stderr, and system.stdout is now a true output stream. It takes care about output encoding setting.

  • Implementation of system.standardin, system.standarderr, and system.standardout (Aliases of stdin, stdout, stderr properties...) (compatible with Phantomjs 2)

  • Support of command line option --output-encoding and phantom.outputEncoding. It supports the value ‘binary’ to output binary content with system.stdout.

  • Implementation of stream.atEnd and stream.readLine()

  • Implementation of phantom.aboutToExit

  • Implementation of phantom.resolveRelativeUrl(url, base) (compatible with Phantomjs 2.1)

  • Implementation of phantom.fullyDecodeUrl(url) (compatible with Phantomjs 2.1)


  • Exit code is now supported with slimer.exit() and phantom.exit() (except with slimerjs.bat)
  • require supports node modules (it searches into node_modules directories)
  • webpage.onConsoleMessage can receive additional parameters : level, function name and timestamp
  • Improved error handling that may appear in webpage listeners
  • now supports special files (/dev/std*, fifo files...)
  • Support of --debug=net and --debug=network which are aliases for --debug=netprogress

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed configuration reading for script handlers (internal stuff)
  • Callback given to is now really called after the page loading: it allows to call render() without a delay (setTimeout...)
  • Fix error NS_ERROR_FACTORY_NOT_REGISTERED on navigator object (issue #373)
  • Fix webpage.render() on SVG document (issue #283)
  • Fix support of webpage.captureContent (issue #397)
  • fs.extension() did not return the extension for simple filename (#447)
  • fs.extension() did return the extension without a dot: that didn’t respect the CommonJS Filesystem specification. An optional second parameter is supported: set it to true to returns the extension without a dot, like in previous SlimerJS version.
  • Fix fs.absolute() with relative path containing ”..” on Windows (#347)
  • Fix support of multiple file for <input type=file> with webpage.uploadFile and webpage.onFilePicker
  • webpage.onError did not receive a full stack in some case. This is not the case anymore since some improvements have been made into Gecko.

Fixed PhantomJS conformance issues

  • a module should be able to call the return keyword
  • support additionals arguments on webpage.evaluateAsync()
  • Callback given to is now called when the url is invalid
  • Like in PhantomJS 1.9 (and removed in PhantomJS 2.0), phantom.args and phantom.scriptName are deprecated
  • webpage.viewportSize should accept strings as values (#313)
  • webpage.clipRect should accept object with missing properties (#314)
  • On windows, system.os.version matches now public version number, not internal version number (#344)
  • cookie.expires is not anymore an integer, but a date formated as string
  •, fs.write() and can now accept an object as mode, to indicate both the mode and the charset.
  • added setEncoding(encoding) and getEncoding() on file stream (Compatibility with PhantomJS 2.0)
  • Compatible version of Phantomjs is now 1.9.8 (not 2.1, too many features are still missing, even if some 2.1 features are implemented)

Other informations about this release

  • Compatibility with Firefox 40 to Firefox 46.
  • Compatibility is no more guaranteed on Firefox having version lower than 38.
  • There are no anymore packages including XulRunner, the Firefox runtime, since Mozilla has killed the XulRunner project. So you need to install Firefox in order to run SlimerJS.
  • Compatibility with CasperJS 1.1 has been fixed

Missing features in SlimerJS 0.10

Comparing to PhantomJS 2.1, some few options for the command line and features on some object are missing. Among of them:

  • the possibility to deactivate SSL verification and Web security (CORS etc)
  • the possibility to set ssl client certificate
  • offline storage settings
  • some proxy methods
  • the possibility to set a specific cookieJar to each web page object
  • loading and loadingProgress booleans on webpage
  • listener of repaint events on webpage
  • the child_process module

You can read the compatibility table to know details.

See also the differences in APIs and behaviors between SlimerJS and PhantomJS.

Known issues

Contributors for this release

  • Dimitar Angelov (webpage.paperSize and other pdf options for webpage.render())
  • Rémi Emonet (webpage.paperSize)
  • Will Hilton (--user-agent=string, --viewport-width and --viewport-height options)
  • Sergey Kogan (fix issues about exit code)
  • Quentin Le Calvez (Fix console.log so it can take multiple arguments)
  • Jerry Lundström (Fix support with Gecko 40.*)
  • Kevin Petit (fix slimerjs.bat about spaces in folders)
  • Delta React User (Remove call to legacy API setCSSViewport)
  • Mark Robson (Api doc, test on webpage.renderBytes, Tests generate perl-style TAP output)
  • Wojciech Skorodecki (Hiding one debug message when debug mode is turned off)
  • René Wagner (doc about addons)