Release Notes of SlimerJS 0.8

version 0.8.5

SlimerJS 0.8.5 has been released on November 24th, 2013.

Fixed bugs

  • Http response object of the embedded webserver did not take care correctly of unicode characters (issue #106)
  • Fixed output on Windows: console messages are now output in real time, not any more at the end of the execution of the script. (issue #105 and issue #7)
  • Fixed an error when the virtual file picker is called by the web page
  • Fixed an issue in network listeners: onResourceResponse may not called with Gecko 24
  • Fixed an exception when opening a page whereas navigation is locked (issue #114)
  • Should supports scripts starting with a shebang (issue #121)

version 0.8.4

SlimerJS 0.8.4 has been released on October 23th, 2013.

Fixed bugs

  • Fix slimerjs.bat that did not work anymore (issue #84)
  • redirection were not well supported when the requested URL is changed by the server by adding a trailing slash (issue #90)
  • fixed webpage.plainText: content of invisible and script elements should not be return (issue #97) A flag plainTextAllContent in settings allow to have the previous behavior.
  • The webserver supports now asynchronous responses. warning: be sure to call the close() method on the response when you finished to write data, in any case (synchronous or asynchronous response processing) (issue #91)

version 0.8.3

SlimerJS 0.8.3 has been released on September 17th, 2013.


  • new method slimer.wait()
  • Improve performance of webpage.render()
  • --debug=true now displays arguments of the script and SlimerJS’s configuration

Fixed bugs

  • require.paths should accept relative paths (issue #73)
  • zoom and scroll issues in webpage.render() (issue #75)
  • webpage.viewportSize should be applied when reopening the webpage (issue #82)

version 0.8.2

SlimerJS 0.8.2 has been released on August 18th, 2013.

Fixed bugs

  • There was no error when trying to execute a file that is not a JS file (issue #67)
  • Errors appearing during the execution of the callback of are now displayed
  • On website with a redirection to a relative URL (without domain), redirection was not taken account and onLoadFinished was never called (#68).

Fixed PhantomJS conformance issues

  • webpage.clipRect should not be null by default.
  • webpage.render() now generates screenshot of the full webpage, instead of the viewport area and take care about scrolling.
  • scrollbars have been removed from the window.


  • new option for webpage.render(): onlyViewport. You can then take a screenshot only of the viewport.
  • support of the command ligne arguments --debug=true. It does not display yet everything.

version 0.8.1

SlimerJS 0.8.1 has been released on August 1st, 2013.

Fixed bugs

  • webpage.render() should create directories indicated in the given path (issue #51)

  • Fixed many issues appearing when running SlimerJS under windows
    • Fixed some errors in slimerjs.bat
    • Fixed module loading with path containing slashes (#61)
    • Fixed issue with phantom.libraryPath and webpage.libraryPath with path containing slashes
    • Fixed other path issues (#65)
    • Fixed issues with Cygwin (#4)
    • Fixed some unit tests
  • Improved documentation

version 0.8

SlimerJS 0.8.0 has been released on July 7st, 2013.

The compatibility with PhantomJS has been strongly increased and some tools like CasperJS (version 1.1beta1 or higher) work almost perfectly with SlimerJS 0.8.

Some packages of SlimerJS 0.8 embed directly XulRunner 22 (Gecko 22): you don’t have to install XulRunner or Firefox separately, nor to set a SLIMERJSLAUNCHER environment variable. Unless you want to use a different version of Gecko.

SlimerJS 0.8 should be also compatible with Firefox/XulRunner/Gecko 23 and 24.


  • Implementation of webpage.uploadFile() and support of webpage.onFilePicker
  • Implementation of the cookie API on the phantom object
  • Implementation of the cookie API on the webpage object
  • support of the --load-images option on the command line
  • support of the --local-storage-quota option on the command line
  • support of javascriptEnabled and loadImages in settings
  • Implementation of webpage.ownsPage, webpage.getPage(), webpage.pages, webpage.pagesWindowName
  • Implementation of webpage.scrollPosition
  • Implementation of webpage.offlineStoragePath and webpage.offlineStorageQuota

Fixed bugs

  • webpage.evaluate(): functions as arguments for the function to evaluate, were not passed correctly to it.
  • Fixed conformance to CommonJS filesystem/A module in
  • Fixed webpage.render() and webpage.renderBase64(): default screenshot size were not well calculated.
  • Fixed bad encoding of responses sent by the http server

Fixed PhantomJS conformance issues

  • webpage.evaluate() should return null when the result of the given javascript function is undefined.
  • Added webpage.objectName and webserver.objectName.
  • phantom.injectJs() supports now CoffeeScripts scripts.
  • window.callPhantom() can now be called during page loading.
  • Changed webpage.event.modifiers to webpage.event.modifier.
  • After creating a webpage, evaluating javascript should be possible. The window is now opened immediately with about:blank when calling create().
  • webpage.onResourceRequested should receive a request object as second parameter
  • webpage.setContent() should be able to receive a DOM element, not only a string
  • webpage.onResourceRequested and webpage.onResourceReceived should be called for ‘file://‘ url.
  • Fixed webpage.render() and webpage.renderBase64(): support of options parameters

Missing APIS in SlimerJS 0.8

Here are the PhantomJS APIs that are missing in SlimerJS 0.8 but planed in future releases.

  • most of options for the command line are not supported
  • no support of all settings on the webpage object, so no support of HTTP authentication...
  • no support of Ghost Driver (Selenium web driver)

You can read the compatibility table to know details.

See also the differences in APIs and behaviors between SlimerJS and PhantomJS.

Known issues