Release Notes of SlimerJS 0.6

version 0.6.1

SlimerJS 0.6.1 has been released on May 13, 2013.


  • Implements phantom.args and phantom.scriptName

Fixed bugs

  • The leading “-” of command line options were troncated and loose their values
  • Some functions of the fs module should verify if the given path is empty
  • Fixed issue with node-phantom: bad XUL address of webpage.xul (Vincent Meurisse - issue #16)
  • Callback of was not called after a redirection (issue #22)
  • Multiple instance of SlimerJS could not launch at the same time (issue #18)
  • On MacOS the relative path of the JS script couldn’t be given on the command line (issue #45)

Fixed PhantomJS conformance issues

  • webpage.evaluate should accepts strings (Vincent Meurisse - issue #20)
  • Incorrect case for webpage.evaluateJavaScript (Vincent Meurisse - issue #19)
  • Resource id on request/response object should start at 1, not 0 (issue #17)

version 0.6

SlimerJS 0.6 has been released on May 03, 2013. This is the first public stable release of SlimerJS.

It is usable, although its API is not still 100% compatible with PhantomJS.

Missing APIS in SlimerJS 0.6

Here are the PhantomJS APIs that are missing in SlimerJS 0.6. Of course, their implementation is planed in future releases.

  • most of options for the command line are not supported
  • no API to manage HTTP cookies, although cookies are supported (they are stored automatically)
  • no API to manage HTTP headers
  • no support of the window.callPhantom() function in web pages
  • no support of the navigation locking
  • no support of the webpage.offlineStorage* properties, although offlineStorage is supported natively and usable by a web page
  • no API to manage child windows
  • no support of settings on the webpage and phantomjs object
  • only supports an url and a callback as parameter
  • no support of file uploading in web page (webpage.uploadFile(), webpage.onFilePicker..)

You can read the compatibility table to know details.

Known issues

  • On MacOS: you must indicate the full path of your JS script on the command line (fixed in 0.6.1)
  • CommonJS modules: you cannot alter objects (they are freezed ) returned by the require() function. This is a “feature” of the CommonJS modules system of the Mozilla Addons SDK (used by SlimerJS).