Release Notes of SlimerJS 1.0

version 1.0

Not released yet.

New features and API

  • loading and loadingProgress properties on webpage
  • onResourceError parameter contains now always status and statusText properties
  • proxy() and setProxy() methods
  • slimer.version and slimer.geckoVersion have a new prerelease property.


  • implements (#473)
  • implements phantom.proxy() and phantom.setProxy() methods (#436, #444, #445)

Fixed bugs

  • Fix error “ReferenceError: reference to undefined property this._stopCallback”

Fixed PhantomJS conformance issues

Other informations about this release

Missing features in SlimerJS 1.0

Comparing to PhantomJS 2.1, some few options for the command line and features on some object are missing. Among of them:

  • the possibility to deactivate SSL verification and Web security (CORS etc)
  • the possibility to set ssl client certificate
  • offline storage settings
  • the possibility to set a specific cookieJar to each web page object
  • listener of repaint events on webpage
  • the child_process module

You can read the compatibility table to know details.

See also the differences in APIs and behaviors between SlimerJS and PhantomJS.

Known issues

Contributors for this release

  • Wojciech Skorodecki