Manipulating frames with webpage

A web page may have different frames, and even some frames inside frames. If you want to do things related to a specific frame, like evaluating code, the webpage object have some methods to select the frame you want to work with.

These methods are:

Exemple to select an frame

root window:
  <frame name="f1" src="frame1.html" />
  <frame name="f2" src="frame2.html" />
<html>... <iframe name="f3" src="frame3.html">... </html>
frame2.html and frame3.html:
<html>... simple web page ....</html>

To select frame2.html, you’ll do:


If you want to select the frame3.html after that, you’ll do:

// first return to the parent frame
webpage.switchToParentFrame(); // or switchToMainFrame() in this example

// then select frame1.html because frame3.html is a child of it

// then select frame3.html

Manipulating the current frame

After selecting a frame, you have some properties to retrieve the frame properties: webpage.frameContent, webpage.frameTitle, webpage.frameName, webpage.frameUrl, webpage.framePlainText.

And you can evaluate javascript in the current frame with evaluateJavaScript(), evaluate(), evaluateAsync(), includeJs() or injectJs()

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